Adult Dogs

Our adult dogs have been chosen from the finest breeding stock in Montana.  
They are our pets and members of the family.  
They have excellent temperments, athleticism and are just as active as we are.  
They hike, raft, swim, attend baseball games and are our constant companions.

There are multiple Champions on both sides of the family tree with bloodlines from Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain and France.

Lolo Peak's Berg
(O.F.A. DCM Normal)

Pepper & Salt Standard Schnauzer​​

Lolo Peak's Bruna
(O.F.A. DCM Normal)

Black Standard Schnauzer​​​


Contact Brooke Ridley if you would like to get on the waiting list for a
Lolo Peak Standard Schnauzer.

(979) 587-1745 or [email protected]